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  • Dr. Tian presents at the 2024 Systems Aging Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Tian was invited to present at the 2024 Systems Aging Conference in Barcelona, Spain. This conference is organized by Drs. Steve Horvath and Sara Hagg and concentrates on the latest developments in aging research, including tissue rejuvenation, aging biomarkers, and applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to complex data. Read more about this conference here:      -June 4, 2024

  • The lab welcomes Dr. Mehran Ghafari to join as a Postdoctoral Associate.

Dr. Ghafari, trained as an aging scientist, leverages his expertise in machine learning and engineering to unravel and untangle the complexity of cellular and tissue aging. Recently, he developed an automated behavioral monitoring system in the Terskikh lab at SBP, enhancing our understanding of brain aging. For more about Mehran and his research interests, visit his profile here: Mehran Gharafi      -Apr 1, 2024

  • Dr. Tian presents at La Jolla Aging Meeting.

Dr. Tian presents their latest advances on using epigenetic reprogramming as an approach to attenuate brain aging at the 7th La Jolla Aging Meeting. Read more about the event here:    -Mar 7, 2024

  • The lab welcomes Erik Hultenius to join as an RA.

A recent 2023 UCSD graduate, Erik joins us with an impressive background of multi-year research experience across both academic and industrial settings. Most recently, he completed an internship in the Zach Levine Lab at Altos Labs. For more about Erik and his research interests, visit his profile here: Erik Hultenius      -Jan 8, 2024

  • Today marks the official opening of the Xiao Tian Lab!

Our mission is to understand how aging starts and progresses. This is where our journey starts. We look forward to the exciting years ahead of us.       -Jan 3, 2024

  • The Tian lab is awarded an Impetus grant to identify novel approaches to strengthen epigenome stability during aging!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Impetus grant for our project, "Strengthening epigenome stability as a new strategy to counteract aging." This grant is a significant boost to our research, especially during the critical launch phase of the lab. Thank you for this invaluable support! Check out the news release here:        -Nov 24, 2023

  • Xiao Tian Lab website is launched today.

The lab will officially start on January 3, 2024. We are recruiting at all levels!        -Sep 29, 2023

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