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Mehran Ghafari

Postdoctoral Associate

Mehran studied engineering for his BEng and MSc (UK), focusing on developing wireless chargers for pacemakers. His fascination with the health and aging process motivated him to study the mechanisms of aging for his Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Particularly, he focused on yeast cell aging and replicative lifespan prediction from time-lapse microfluidic images using machine learning. Recently at SBP in the Terskikh lab, he developed an automatic thermal-based automated platform for observing mouse biological behaviors. Mehran joined the Tian Lab in April 2024, where his research centers on the behavioral analysis of Alzheimer's mice and bioinformatic analysis. His interests extend to biological behavioral analysis for other age-related diseases and exploring the complexities of gene expression patterns and understanding how they vary under different conditions. Outside of academia, Mehran enjoys playing tennis, cycling, and camping.

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